Elisabeth Åsbrink in English | Biography
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Elisabeth Åsbrink is a writer and  journalist, based in Stockholm and Copenhagen.


In August 2016  her third non-fiction book, 1947, was published simultaneously in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. In 2017 the book will be published in another eight countries, including Germany, the UK and the US. S


he has been nominated for the August Prize for all three books and won the August Prize for best non-fiction book 2011 for And in Wienerwald the trees are still standing.


And in Wienerwald the trees are still standing is based on 524 letters written to a boy who was sent to Sweden in 1939 by his parents in Vienna, in order to escape the Nazi persecution. In addition to the August Prize, the book has been awarded the Danish-Swedish Cultural Foundation Culture Award in 2013, and Rychard Kapuscinski Award for best literary reportage in 2013.


Elisabeth Åsbrink made her debut as a playwright 2012 with the play Tracks on Folkteatern in Gothenburg, and has since written several plays.


She has worked with the Swedish Public service 1998 – 2015. There she has produced more than 30 radioshows within the series SOMMAR in P1, cooperating with artists as Bjorn Ulvaeus (ABBA) and Lars Ulrich (METALLICA), the actors Michael Nyqvist and Mikael Persbrandt and the writer Lars Norén, among others.


Between 2000 – 2015 Elisabeth Åsbrink worked mainly with television as a reporter and an editor, with news shows, several cultural programs and investigative journalism in the program UPPDRAG GRANSKNING.


Jarl Alfredius minnesstipendium, 2010

The August Prize for best Non fiction 2011 

Dansk-svensk Kulturfonds kulturpris 2013  

Ryszard Kapuściński Award for Literary Reportage 2013 

Elisabeth Åsbrink in San Francisco to produce SOMMAR with Lars Ulrich, Metallica. May 2016.