Elisabeth Åsbrink in English | 1947
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Of seemingly disparate events Elisabeth Åsbrink has written the story of a world where  good and evil takes shape, where ideas about democracy and participation are born and die at the same moment, where an old order falls and a new one arises. Where now begins.


1947 Where now begins is awarded the Lettersstedska writer´s Prize 2017 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science


”It’s brilliant.”
Vi Magazine


”A fascinating and thought-provoking fresco of the flow of twelve months of world history. The language and story telling unveil our history as well as opens us to other ways of thinking than traditional historical analysis.”
Dagens Nyheter


”1947 is equally an instructive lesson in history as it is beautiful and well-written prose. Read it!”
Svenska Dagbladet


”The book is fantastic.”
SVT Gomorron Sweden


1947 was nominated for the August Prize for best Swedish non-fiction in 2016.

The Jurys motivation:

”What do we do today that our descendants will struggle with in seventy years? The question is raised by this kaleidoscopic collection of essays in which major politics merge with everyday events, in a year of world history. In a beautiful prose the reader is guided through a seemingly insignificant year with a black history casting shadows over time to come. ”

1947 was published in the autumn of 2016 in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

In 2017 it will be published in Germany, the UK, Australia, USA, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Slovakia and Poland.